Hemmann & Kaden
2 Zu 1 EP
FAT 018


VINYL RELEASE: 22.03.2004




A. Sense
B1. Long Distance
B2. Earth

The Don of the exponential "Deutschrocks" postulates in an earlier song "I like music only when it's played loud". The idea however being that some music is so compelling that only at a certain volume level do you begin to get that unmistakeable euphoric feeling. On their second EP for FAT, the two Thüringian gentlemen storm the corresponding brain sections using 5 star ingredients taken from the electronic kitchen. The ingredients selected are precisely what are needed here to achieve the enthusiasm desired. The section that sets the body to an immobile state is completely switched off. Writing and listening to these lines is almost impossible. Intense rocking up and down in your seat is accompanied by loud and sometimes quieter sections of the song. Aahhh, but the volume controls are always nearby.


A. Sense
Sense is carried by simple, waving drumbeats, driven by a booming bass line. Swallowed voice samples containing the title words play throughout the entire track, and are accompanied by melodic fragments from the underwater world. Joined later by still two more modestly sheltered higher sections that add suspense; always drive the track forward.

B1. Long Distance
Long distance should be played in the ear of every marathon runner striving in those endless middle stretches. If that were the case, a collective world record would be achieved guaranteed. Minimal clicking-techno sounds prove that Thuringia is also a part of Canada. Running, running, running, next to the sea in the unending wide open, make the best jogging trail a dance floor that unites the worlds of runners and dancers alike.

B2. Earth
Earth is completely voluminous bass on a diet. Slimmed up but regardless full is the device, carried by an irresistible longing and flickering zip. Picture a campfire, fresh caught fish on the grill, the best coffee in the world and the peaceful give and take of the shimmering sea. Early in the morning promises invigorating exercise with knee-bends, squats, and push-ups.