Adolf Noise
Rammelwolle (Remixe)
FAT 025


VINYL RELEASE: 18.04.2006




A. Der Grundton (Michael Bum-Bum Mayer RMX)
B1. Bäume strahlen Stress aus (Robag Mfda-Mfda Wruhme RMX)
B2. DJ Koze Himmel über Hamburg RMX

The newest FAT release is a quasi-Various Artists split between 3 men, 'slash' remix 12", which in the bigpicture each participant shares the space. Like good buddies who might also share some rabble rousing,at the same time they've brought aboard an ambitious Hamburg project by the name of Station 17. A musicalfight club with the three winners atop the podium.
They're not trying to be cute as a remix is slammed together hustler style, instead of a pure chemical bond!
Straight out of that lovely -and from the dome no less- project from Hamburgs howitzer DJ Koze known theworld over as Adolf Noise in Plasma. This can be considered as the Peter Sellers page in the musicalgyroscope of the Mr. Stefan Kozella: Humor, romperroom, watching the day go by, improv, radio drama and music in one rush.
It can also be said, 2 fans from DJ Koze's brain-jazz picked material with it's unique characteristics, leavingthe originator with ample space on the black grooves. Coming with the handicapped forearm shiver people-project Station 17 as an extra gumdrop.


A. Der Grundton (Michael Bum-Bum Mayer RMX)
That is flat-out the most abnormal remix the 'compact darling' Michael Mayer has ever cut. His sometimes characteristic affinity for pop creates space for a dirty space-groove with the most peculiar ingredients the dancefloor ever knew. Challenging and a good feel unite in the funk of the extremities and the dome-piece. Machine noises from the factory, crackling and bop-a-loop, shivering vowels out of the Rare Groove crate, Rhodes and space nostalgia shades set it off, driven through the roughest drum sounds the machines can make. Old school but a new pair o' shoes!


B1. Bäume strahlen Stress aus (Robag Mfda-Mfda Wruhme RMX)
Robag Wruhme the career-meloncholic with the whip under the techno-house tent of this planet equips here his personal trip to the center of the planet Earth! Push and pull within the echo of a flittering melody through the garden of molecules hope and confidence! Close your eyes, take-off, hover and never land is a must! in a dull reality.


B2. DJ Koze Himmel über Hamburg RMX
Stefan Kozellas disco cuts bristle together with the spices from Station 17 in one pan. After 3 minutes its totally and fully packed for the trip to the moon, where the first homosapien colonies can finally be established. Everything moves, no matter where you are at the moment. Even the peace is buried within the movement.