Daniel Stefanik
The Madcap Laughs EP
FAT 039


VINYL RELEASE: 17.11.2008




A1. Effervescing Elephant
A2. It Is Obvious
B. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do

Long since converted to Islam, an exceedingly well-known song poet announces ìMorning has brokenî and cements with this jewel his place in every guitar lessons notebook. What does that have to do with Daniel Stefanik and FAT 39? Simply enough, these three are happily skipping along, made to finally leave the night behind them and the beginning intoxication of the morning drunk in the euphoric fervor. This is for many the primetime for those occasions of heart and brain leaps of faith on both sides of the pulpit. Add to that a didactic of modern- authentic, aural, fully developed, electric chastity, which has precisely the right nerdiness in every tendential zeitgeist laying to the left. Refinement and immortality are here the maxims of a positive vibe, which embody a raw and impulsive typology of the techno and house contained within. Stefanik is an Alpha-male of his species, equipped with every bit of curiosity and classic flair, which he let be known early in his past (refer to the Discogs). His driving bass and sizzle with diamond radiance bounce to and blaze from the walls. Here sparks a driven dynamic emporium where the clouds dance on the heavens.


A1. Effervescing Elephant
Hereís to teddy bears that want to dance, appearing both lumbering and hearty, but butter soft and round about smoldering warm. As if you could shake out the Detroit and an afterhours spot with a great sieve. Here is the Lausitz jigsaw vs. ivy (the plant variety) which is grown from the wall sockets, united in a cosmic turbulence to a spiritual self-immersion in the commotion of the ecstatic-controlled movement.

A2. It Is Obvious
Electronic dance-music which would be cool could be if someone took a brass band from a village volunteer fire brigade somewhere. A borderline endurance test for these jazzy high-tech chaps could be spared, but storm and the urge on the dance floor are there sure enough. The essence is so virtuous yet functional at the same time.

B. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do
Clearly, what Daniel can do is this: lift the people on a ever-sliding travail of exploration of the delusional qualities of the principles of repetition in thump and fire sparks. A hypno-spooled cosmic-gonzo rave driver for shimmering brilliance in the dark times, exactly for the right moment when dancing full of feeling; when the "I" becomes "we"!