Hemmann & Kaden
Karacho / Synchro EP
FAT 040


VINYL RELEASE: 20.04.2009




A. Karacho
AA. Synchro

The two Thüringen busters Marek Hemmann & Mathias Kaden are after a long withdrawal musically in each otherís arms. What they reached as individuals, they do not need for any ink here to be spilled, as the ecstatic memories of Crowder are witness enough. The motto friendship never goes away - applies especially to good music. Added to that a man can also Stoiber-esque regarding competency, speak of competence. Two smart chaps - what a thought! With select ingredients Hemmann & Kaden are two elegant, purified, galloping fellas with a broad view; where quality rules without creative limits. The thought: the best dance music in the world ñ where our heartbeat is!


A. Karacho
The stage is hashed like potatoes mashed! Like Peter Pan with marzipan! - The boys were scanning back when training wheels were in vogue. Now they are blowing up: the arena is full with techno - fireworks! Hemmanns tendency toward the elegant paired with Kadens hang on to a rhythmic diversity and beat-work produce the perfect mover to an aesthetic disco. The ingredients are fully driven into every pattern and figure (echoís, percussions, etc.) are a tonal rhetoric so gallantly clever arranged - a dialog of all muscles is programmed.

AA. Synchro
What techno at its innermost holds together ñ is a mÈlange of lesser ingredients so fresh and balanced, that every individual is more than just a sound element. Every sound is a selected sculpture for a complete event for the movement senses. Regarding the rather dumb saying "less is more"; here is the bill of goods for. What modulated voices, Jack-tinkling, monster punch and a rush wind, cut and dried can do you wonít believe. A dance machine full of blood and excess!