My Name Is Schultz
FAT 043


VINYL RELEASE: 27.07.2009




A. Action 2
B1: Mamoo
B2: Adam & Eve

Behind Juno6 there is a boy from Leipzig, who has imbibed an abundant portion of techno deepness. A true good nerd who explains himself as an expanding live project with a setting consisting of ëonlyí from glimmering machines and a fat mixing desk. That is, Back to the Raw vs. Me and the machines! Of himself in his own words: you won't find any computers in my setup. you won't hear any preset sound. you won't have the feeling of a dÈj‡ vu. you will enjoy some groovy, fresh shit.... The project name is completely and clearly a wink in the direction of the Roland Juno 6 synthesizer, which first found the light of the socket in 1982. This is an homage to the character of machine-dom. However there is also another ambitious project, BeautifulPlanetEarth which deserves mention and also belongs to the great boards of the Electronica pot. For FAT he crafted two wonderful driving religious techno epics which are much more than merely DJ flotsam. With an unbridled physical and mental presence these arenít just tracks, but rather light-flooded night stimulation. Requirement or functionality? His own requirements function magnificently! House or Techno? Both, but he also likes to positively have something in between. Space is created with dripping emotionality for the brain of a party where his Soul Your Soul is, as well as my Soul All Souls. A special delicacy is an ambient downbeat piece which somehow glances to the great works of the dream tinkerers from the 90ís. Back when the release date was underlined in fat red script in the calendar only to vanish at the release date from your fav record store. Again and again this timeless music is savored just like back then when you listened to an album for 2 weeks after it finally arrived.


A. Action 2
A piece of excellent, lascivious, and crazy dance music ñ kinky and clear, at the same time interwoven with lounging female voices. Within the sound lies a certain measure of grime and ambiguity. With raw unchained house energy you get the feeling that the piece is played out in three separate acts.


B1. Mamoo
A dance inferno for house evangelists, unshaven music nerds, fashion victims and people who simply want to dance all together. Uppity ingredients like the ghastly male voices, resonant woods, piano lines, discreet bongolina flavor that dish to a perfect note.


B2. Adam & Eve
A festival for the neighborhood of senses tonally supporting the nerve system.