Artys Iisii EP
FAT 044


VINYL RELEASE: 31.08.2009




A. Shiroi
B1. Krass und Zick
B2. Stock Dich Quer

Be careful flower, with Freude am Tanzen we are going back to the future. With the backing from the house roots of FAT, there is lurking a piece of vinyl highly anticipated on the rotating tables. But what are the genre bins techno or house - it has to do with good music with a prefix of movement, according to the truism "a good song is a good song" Enough of this lurking! Exactly this is what the duo Taron-Trekka delivers in 3 acts. They put on display that in the axis Berlin-Jena there is more than just the business of big city, little town from Berlin to Jena. Instead they get it started from the ground floor as already demonstrated from their EP on Brut! And on the Freunde der Familie Remix. With all that they show and prove that they have imbibed quite a portion of kicking deepness and that was just for breakfast... The dual activity as DJ and producer team consists of Crisder and DMS who tend to lay their beats low in the nether regions to get at the essence of the momentum bound to the still tightened handbrake. Here are 3 items with exactly the proper melange of passion and social conservatism on the pulse of time... which catalyzes a careful warm up. There are spiritually delightful props which lighten and have a very long shelf life.


A. Shiroi
A killer bass and a killer clap make a killer track and an always returning majestic throne of a voice sample which cares for the meditative fundamentals for the mind. This happens all the while the legs move freely on the parquet. Contemplative must-dance body-music that finally manages (after well balanced consumption) to catch on conceptually.


B1. Krass und Zick
A very authentic afro-American sound based workmanship, with a garage warmth factor in the vibes area along with appointed sound section frame the track. Additionally there are a few Rhodes-like moody touches that go ëbleepí and ëmoepí which then take off.


B2. Stock Dich Quer
Music that lets you get into a real house DJ. Sturdy in its undercarriage and on top there is the baroque opulence to a maximum; with flamboyant ingredients this disc develops into a funky hussy with a rhythmic chastity which can hardly keep you still. For such samples, connoisseur styled entertaining art is generally given out by Discogs and eBay provided for handsome sums. The best sophisticated virtuosity with an atmosphere which now already has a timelessness; guaranteed not to be played by Bonnie Bianco, Pierre Cosso and Richard Sanderson.