Vodka Wedding EP
FAT 045


VINYL RELEASE: 09.11.2009




A. Monkey Swing (Straight To The Zoo mix)
B1. Love In Looxor
B2. Vodka Wedding

If you allow yourself a short excursion into the monstrous valley of the YouTube commentary there is the following to read about the Kadebostan FAT Debut ÑCaracas Soulì: this shit is timeless ; one of the best songs ever! ; great sport.............5* ; a feast for the ears... ; this is emotion pure.. ; wow that makes the hair on my back stand up it is so beautiful; … Kadebostan is a already a rarity in the cosmos of the electronic music world. To understand, his is a live act with a 90min. cycle at the essence of dance. On the other hand he is a producer with a soft spot for romanticizing, suited with a vocabulary and repertoire; an affinity for the rhythm, and a real instrumental sense far and away from the bandages and inflationary building spaces of club music. His future comes from the past, fed through a comprehensive appreciation of styles of varying sonic focus. As well for his 3rd release on FAT, his pieces are labeled with a completely unique, yet humble gesture of melancholic tone. The substances are simultaneously a dream land and compelling, with the heart afforded a front row seat. He conjures music with the dignity of a proud swan. The only thing left to wonder is the soul of the hearer, where it is infected with the sounds, docked pyramidal to the cells of the body regardless of leisurely or impulsive bent; this is real music for real aficionadoís. There are three chansons in the club-lust atmosphere, for an easy metamorphosis in one night, tailor made for a trip of sensory stimulus. Whether or not itís now slurping coffee in a relaxed moment, or activated in appreciation of the glamour of dance music.


A. Monkey Swing (Straight To The Zoo mix)
The scale of remembrances hit with this track, heard just once in a nightly set, everywhere when itís pumped. So insanely compelling and with a special ëloop-i-nessí on the side. The machinery is decidedly hurried, the sensory impact in the center of the euphoria. The piece has a special quality within, hard to describe ñ one thing is for certain, itís got to be heard loud!

B1. Love In Looxor
With a cautious tempo, underfed violin arrangements flow ñ at the same time more effectively set in the scene adjacent ambient surfaces directly in the corpus of thought.

B2. Vodka Wedding
Broken hearts for you and me, or is it just fall already? The asthmatic worm, which mostly sounds like an accordion belongs because of various folklore 'miseducation' of the past, today known to be to one of the least valued instruments in actual music on the planet. Thereby the squeezebox, whether big or small intones a sensibility with an incognizable tonal arrangement. Fed into outgrowth of melancholic density. Sound of Silence with a power conversion of the still, only allowed because it must be heard. With closed eyes it can be understood. A real pity that the old German television series ìDornenvˆgelî doesnít need a title melody anymore... Played not by Joan Jett, Suzi Quattro, Bonnie Taylor, Bette Midler, Kim Carnes, Gianna Nannini…