Marek Hemmann
Left / Right EP
FAT 047


VINYL RELEASE: 12.04.2010




A. Left (feat. Fabian Reichelt)
B. Right (feat. Fabian Reichelt)

That Marek Hemmann has developed his own personally formed style is undeniable. Now he is headed in the direction of song instead of tracks. With his success up until now in his rear view, he has managed with a lightheartedness to establish his own mark and develop himself even further. However thoughtfully, where pop is right now in the club context generally negatively regarded, here it is more a pushing of the envelope. Its not quite "where there is no bass, enter bass" but rather whatís working, works. Just like what already has graced the technoid pop doings in the history of this wonderful music. Marek mimics simply once again the artistic-musical direction of his musicality-ensemble of devices. He is simply a conductor of building blocks with a positive aura, which he joyfully presents to his public. Sometimes itís the hypnotic groove in which a one can so easily lose themselves, and then there is this melodic-ness, sometimes dreamed physical and euphoric joy, which excites so effectively. Also on his new 12inch Marek is the leader in the stuff of producing; on point, in the center of the heart of the club. This time he has for both pieces marshaled foreign forces. Fabian Reichelt intones with an airiness and soul, a guarded yet intenseness on both sides. It is Hemmans first real vocal record which will, just as his own discography has already, enrich the dance floors and beyond. What has been for many a red light is, sometimes a hazard, here you have a delight. Yes to a voice, yes to fresh techno as it appears to be the mark of this here record.


A. Left (feat. Fabian Reichelt)
So typical for Hemmans handwriting, but also so refreshingly done. The voice is added perfectly to the soundscape, underfed from a modulated string arrangement, and a sunny euphoria celebrated in one. With a slick set of breaks, a clear understanding of pop equipped with a drive that the clubs will just fawn over, here stands the mark of a somehow, most definitely, in the direction of Hit.

B. Right (feat. Fabian Reichelt)
This sexiness spraying vehicle of the moving lust strikes in an orderly fashion, and makes no mistake about the point of where itís going: Dance! Textually as well as beat driven, the words are clearly defined. Wonderfully refined with the necessary ingredients meant for the man who is at once astounded at how the female counterpart swings the waist and hips, only to entice him to reciprocate.