Monkey Maffia
Monkey Maffia Music Club EP
FAT 049


VINYL RELEASE: 14.02.2011




A1. Atmospheric Disturbance
A2. Adorn With Flowers
B1. Yo Baby Yo
B2. Music Alter My Future

There are various ways to bring house and techno together. Most creatures realize this simultaneously while partying. However the complete canister labelled one's hopes and dreams and filled with the passion for electronic music, is allowed for but a few. Eventually the final consequence usually means that one becomes a filling station attendant.

Soeren Bodner alias Monkey Maffia is in his deepest corners most definitely one of these. As 50% the mass of the Duo Wighnomy Brothers he along with ex-DJ partner Robag delivered for more than 1 and 1/2 decades the thunderous current to the dance floors of the world. His vinyl collection has a great measure of the university library. His creativity is just the same. Thats why his release debut is nurtured from a kiln of ideas and inspiration. Now finally a new valve of creativity of Monkey-energy, as it were. Fluctuations and trends of the genre he gives a sly wink to. For him quality and originality is taken seriously. There is not just a mere taste when hearing his track-select ingredients of his own making. The same as in his sets, there is an indisputable 'happening' along with a diversity in the pieces. It is quite simply Monkey Maffia unadulterated - sometimes coaxingly understanding, sometimes psychotic with a thump in the hand and scratching on the head.


A1. Atmospheric Disturbance

Is that IDM-Breaks-Techno? An affinity for broken sounds is not a lie, but rather a life-giving timpani along with a unique sound architecture, a captivating darkroom, an electro bouncer in the truest sense of the words dribbled on the bib.


A2. Adorn With Flowers

Glorious winter house of a packing sort with fat on the ribs and a folklorish bonfire-romantic projected directly next to an igloo. A yearning melody of an extremely memorable style that melts the snow in your heart.


B1. Yo Baby Yo

Scratch-master Monkey caught one from the Maffia on the temples: hard baby core or what?! A really exceptional sound sculpture with funk in front of the dome, full of cocky ideas from the Japan box and claps that give a right paddling on the buttocks.


B2. Music Alter My Future

Carried by a piano and Jack Daniels along with a draught, a dream wandering placative melody paired with a sonic master of electro structures. Unmistakeably he holds it throughout the ether, as if Monkey Maffia calls down himself from on top of the mountain: music is my future!