Jenz Lutz EP
FAT 052

VINYL RELEASE: 03.10.2011




A. Tanger
B1. Action3
B2. Nend

Stefan Schutz aka Juno6 belongs to the society of the "Leipzig New School", which for the last 5 years has cut a path through emotions and change in diverse regions. His particular real estate is comfortably between deeper house and thoroughly scrutinized techno. Sometimes he tends in one direction, at other times the opposite. All the while Juno6 captivates both listeners and dancers alike with something new. His live sets are always an occasion – sound expeditions in the most literal sense embedded powerfully, yet imminently fresh as they are bound to tradition.

He even dials up the the Ambient/Electronic field with Project Beautiful Planet Earth, or together with friend Daniel Stefanik as Sensual.

The sonic awareness of Juno6 is expressed consistently as a potent degree of warmth, which paints a distinct lively and long-lasting tone on club music. The tone is hardly useful as a flavor of the month, but rather, a music with stamina and character.

His track "Guununk" is for more than a few the "quiescent highlight" of the FAT 5zig Compilation. On his second from FAT, he displays the Juno6 portfolio fully and expands his present effect with a portion of funkiness and a sprinkle of pop – at least on one of the cuts. With clever vocals Mr. Schulz informs us yet again. The emotional vehemence of the A-side searches for a match – seldom has that good old Jethro Tull flute enjoyed such a natural context in club music.


A. Tanger

The summer keeps it's promise! An ode with a sensitivity and strength that convinces organically, in such a way that you eyes-wide-shut dancers, the weeping, those with hands-held-high and the occasional clubbers together celebrate a peaceful fest under the stars (indoors or out). The heavens seem to be opening up...

B1. Action3

Best tech-funk with a serving of killer pop sauce between the beats is the offering here. A hit for the techno radio – just in case there exists such a thing. And yeah, on the dance floor the reaction is everything but behaved...

B2. Nend

The groove makes the music! Here he pairs a loose and flaky New York house understanding and that salacious sickness prevalent in European basement clubs. A balanced mixture of vocal fragments and a punch that positively leaves not a soul holding up the walls.