Grom Attaf EP
FAT 054

VINYL RELEASE: 05.12.2011




A. Waruban Ghost
B1. Private Sky
B2. Ozzu Ake

The creative hub of Taron-Trekka, as well as DJ team and beat crafter furnishes an individual experience of togetherness, a complete understanding on a deeper level. They have this primal groove, around which everything rotates, internalized. They carry this groove with their own signature out into the world. This raw groove diamond is constantly sharpened without being completely polished on all facets. On the new FAT release they stand for an electric-infected development, that allows only the solution to seep in: Deep-in-the-Peak! Thereby the kraken clutches fiercely to the coral reefs of the soul.
Their vision of a living sound can thereby sometimes morph precipitously into a technoid, housy, fine-spirited sort and then at once jazzy. The required resolve as it pertains to the dance floor is hardly missed from Taron-Trekka. The desire-principle and body language mimic are most definitely functional. The big bang doesn't explode in the space, but rather in the heart.
As a special treat, the fellas adorn the cover of their 12-inch from the illustrator, designer and photographer Tine Drefahl (http://www.tinedrefahl.com). Thus is presented from Freude am Tanzen a worthy conclusion to a sometimes turbulent jubilee year; a complete package of artistic expression in tone and picture that is at home both on the mantel as well as the turntables.


A. Waruban Ghost

Inarguably a sound expedition in the meditative smoke of techno. Beginning in the final third the straight bass drum is then whipped into a 4 x 4. Prior to that there is a Morse code heartbeat shoved onto the floor. Is there a such thing as back-flipping out? Take note, neck breaker on deck for dj's that didn't leave their stones in the coatroom!

B1. Private Sky

So packed and senseful at the same time? Yep that's house. A hammering bass-line drives straight through. Stark, funky rhythms carry the track. A spooky atmosphere hurls the disco ball from the hall. Bouncy stuff!

B2. Ozzu Ake


The rhythmic ingredients rotate the basin off of the stand. Then there are two, three, ingredients that provide the piece with everything that it needs for the stomach rumblings to reach the heart valves. In the brain sits the vocal frenzy of the Mr. Oh Yeah, and nuzzles wonderfully yet uncannily in the face.

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