National Costumes EP
FAT 058


VINYL RELEASE: 17.09.2012




A1. Peasant Dress For Olan
A2. Mother. Sweeter than fragrance
B. I had a dream that she was dying alone

The graphologists criticize vehemently: the written word is dying a slow death. Why when it is such an expression of individuality? How should love letters written from a keyboard melt into the senses? And what is to become of the artfully crafted illegible script?
Just the same, in music originality is a highly valued property. Above all else in information systems crafted sonics, there often lurks the tenor of fine coordination. Of course, talent and software also go pretty good together today, if we assume that the personal artistry is somewhat hidden behind the consensus of the masses and the building-block principle. Just as with this young man - a Polish discovery - who in the past year made his debut on Freude Am Tanzen in digital form. Now it is time for the most honoured media. His theme already released on his first record, and now he brings it in vinyl form. Oh yes!

Gathaspar understands that great feelings in the depths are allowed to glide without leaving the dancing-disposed; and with a slight incline as a surprise. The loud growls aren't in the bag - just as it should be! However there is a sliver of soul , that wants the music to be captured with closed eyes. This happens principally in his sets as live-act. That he releases this sound garden on portable media is a win for lovers of emotional dance music with impact and deepness. With the connections of acoustic and electronic music Gathaspar has crafted three sensual tracks, that come across as a soundtrack directed by the club life and thrive in the heart and limbs.


A1. Peasant Dress For Olan
"You must take me out and do everything that I want to do. So I want to dance, I want to win, I want that trophy. Okay, so you dance good." (Mia Wallace)

A2. Mother. Sweeter Than Fragrance

"There are 106 miles until we reach Chicago. We have a full tank, a half pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we are wearing our sunglasses - step on it!"

B. I Had A Dream That She Was Dying Alone

"Wherever you look the best cooks are men. I would suppose that on Mars men are the best cooks too." (Benjamin 'Lefty Ruggiero')