The Trekkas Shak Phase EP
FAT 060


VINYL RELEASE: 19.11.2012




A1. Sunkissed Shak
A2. Trekka Shak
B1. Safari Shak
B2. Okoso Shak

For decades people have asked: what is house music? Whether it is DJ Pierre, Todd Terry, LFO or Terre Thaemlitz they all present the most disparate answers. With their newest EP on Freude Am Tanzen Taron-Trekka delivers four more and herewith demonstrate Larry Heard and Robert Owens as Fingers Inc. at the end are perhaps the most appropriate design from ol' Uncle Jack. Of course, there is the still valid, House is a Feeling. A feeling that in the best case is a warm pulsating shower that falls evenly over your head, heart and legs. Exactly as it is with the music from Andreas Kreister and Daniel Müller-Sachs a.k.a. Taron-Trekka. Whether it's four to the floor, broken or played jazzy as a production duo between Jena and Berlin - as a DJ team and often over and beyond - these two have for some time shown that the story of house has still not been told to the end.

There are moments when Taron-Trekka for themselves bring about suspenseful new chapters to the genre. These are told not only from the magic of the Windy City of the late 80's or the spirit of the Big Apple in the 90's but also from an essential soul that was always evident in Detroit-techno. This is done with a euphoria that is neither history-bound nor as an imitator but rather always fed from a inner glow and highly scrutinized compulsion for the newest sonics and approaches. Herewith Taron-Trekka has established themselves as producers that demonstrate like Jack, also in the new millenium simultaneously original and tradition-aware. Let there be house!


A1. Sunkissed Shak
As a stoic little techno beast with a strong bass effect "Sunkissed" proses thanks to the snapping hi-hats, the minimal bassline and these distinctive vocals to a massive killer funk that can be grooved to for all eternity. However for almost five minutes Taron-Trekka leaves warm surfaces come in and for just a few seconds in the darkest club cellar the sun rises. You're beautiful, you're powerful, you're true - you're sunkissed...

A2. Trekka Shak
As reduced as it is sunken, a simply unbelievable deep piece of electronic music like this hasn't bubbled forth from the boxes in a little bit. Underwater techno with a yearning look to England squints, and with it's urgent sci-fi undertones needn't tuck it's tail in the shadow of the recent spectacle that took place there.

B1. Safari Shak
Reduced and swirling drives "Safari" pumping onward and again its clear that the beauty of Taron-Trekka's grasp of house in the meeting of sensibility-loaded melodies and boldness, earthy drums are present. Add to that the smallest shift and accentuation can sometimes have the biggest effects. Pure deep-house hypnosis.

B2. Okoso Shak
"Okoso" at the end of the day leads the eternal liason from ambient with house. The time stands still, everything seems so far away and the surface never ceases to meander. Lovely percussions, dreamy synthesizers, ground swelling field recordings, a suave pulsating kick-drum and again and again these subtle and insistent wind instruments. It is just so unendingly deep, this track.