Yellow Magic EP
FAT 067


VINYL RELEASE: 21.07.2014




A1. Yellow Magic
B1. Consoli
B2. Trsnumak
Bonus (only digital): Segelboot

Pure House magic, no; the second – and after the Purple now the Yellow Magic. Anew beckon Taron-Trekka the wide field of the minimal grooves and here they land on highly fertile soil. Reserved and subtly the producers from Berlin and Jena place the beat around deep and warm bass and magically confusing vocals. It's there on all three tracks (as well as the digital bonus) at home on the deepest floors you can imagine. Taron-Trekka aren't in the business of fireworks, breaks and drops, and the like. Rather they've got an eye on something thrilling and hypnotizing uniquely, from a deep groovy place. Baby Ford sends greetings, and Minimal Man doffs his hat. Three tracks that make just as much sense on Trelik from the Perlon catalog. This is also from Taron-Trekka, to go with the 67th catalog number from FAT there is a fine texture that comes and goes or perhaps a little more kick on the drum in the right moment that – right there – is where the magic happens. A further peek inside the magical trick box of the duo and every welcome to keep doing so.


A. Yellow Magic
With little funky breaks rolling and the beat then rolls as the title track gets down to it rather direct and shoves us all on the floor. Once we get there melodies and curious whispering vocals get together over the pace making "Yellow Magic" heavy but imminently able to dance to. Minimal ingredients, maximum effect – that's how you do it.

B1. Consoli
A deep bass and a rounded piano have always been the best of friends and two of the most significant ingredients to soulful house. They carry "Consoli", where Taron-Trekka make out a unique and original relaxed groove. Peak time keys get loose here and a blends effortlessly into a dance.

B2. Trsnumak
Claps, Snaps, Shaker – the cryptic-titled "Trsnumal" is built next to atmospheric field recordings and a warm kick on the percussion. It's been a while since a track packed so much fun and essentially gets around to every height and depth.

(only digital) Segelboot (Bonus Track)
As a digital bonus to the EP gifts Taron-Trekka with "Segelboot2" a hymn on the early evening or perhaps the early morning. That is, those moments when everything is in sync and fresh tracks defined not by their hardness, but rather the deepness. This sailboat has a yearning surface, with warm Rhodes and lovely bleeps trotted out get submarine deep.