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Various Artists
FAT SIX10 Compilation Ed. 1
FAT 068-1


VINYL RELEASE: 25.08.2014




A1. Metaboman & Large M - G and B
A2. Monkey Maffia - Gladis
B1. Kadebostan & Laolu - I Need to Feel Something
B2. Juno6 - Seq02

What began in the mid-90's, initiated by the event-organizer duo Sperling & Mauss, in Jena as an event seriesby the name of "Freude am Tanzen" has long been the best-known platform for electronic music on the Saaleriver. In the meantime there are over sixty releases, a subsidiary label (Musik Krause) and in-house bookingagency. With 16 years in, the still young enterprise Freude am Tanzen is on the way from adolescence toadulthood. Yet in spite of tightly organized structures, fortunately boredom has not set in, and this is provenwith the jubilee compilation SIX10 Jahre Freude am Tanzen.

"For us it's all about a small forum to present our artists and thereby a view into the musical diversity", thisfrom FAT-head Thomas Sperling regarding the newest compilation. "It would be too easy to take the besttracks from 16 years of Freude am Tanzen and pack them into a sampler" he explains as the reasoning beingSIX10 being no 'best-of' but rather chock full with new tracks. Still, the question begs, why for the 16th year?"We decided against round numbered anniversaries because everyone does that", says Sperling. "It doesn'treally matter if it's 10, 15 or 16 years. Perhaps the next one is the 23rd. A nice prime number full of meaning.Incidentally you can't even come in a techno club with 16 years, but the first beer is good to go.

"Okay then, Cheers! A toast to sixteen years of Freude am Tanzen and likewise many new tracks from almostevery artist Metaboman and Large M bring their slamming house sound like they tend to do, to the stage. Meanwhile Monkey Maffia comes with a souled and divine essence; an inviting piano melody that just hammers.The Swiss compatriots Kadebostan & Laolu draw a hearty acid bath with deep and dark vocals as wellas stomach churning and massaging kicks. Then Juno6 from Leipzig comes with "Seq02" and shuts it downby essentially spelling out d-e-e-p-n-e-s-s.