Mathias Kaden
Energetic Remixes Part 1
FAT 071


VINYL RELEASE: 04.12.2015




A1. Energie feat. Rocko Schamoni (Michael Mayer Remix)
A2. Korokana (Cuthead Remix)
B1. Clarity feat. Sophie Taylor (Redshape Remix)
B2. Get Phunky feat. Aquarius Heaven (Nick Curly Remix)
Digital Bonus: Get Phunky feat. Aquarius Heaven (Nick Curly Dub Remix)*

As an ode to the energy of classical – characterized by warmth and soul – house sounds, Mathias Kaden’s second album “Energetic” was received generously this summer by music criticism as well as by longtime fans and not least by dancers on the dancefloors around the world. Since that is where Mathias Kaden first performed his work live. Besides the excitement of the original tracks, there is however always the fascinating question in what way further ‘greats’ of this music will newly accentuate Kaden’s tracks with their remixes, admix other nuances, break out in different directions.


A1. Energie feat. Rocko Schamoni (Michael Mayer Remix)
The first part of this tonal extension can now be listened to. Furthermore, the selection could hardly be any more exciting: Kompakt hero Michael Mayer uses the plea for the effect of energy intonated by Rocko Schamoni as an opportunity to celebrate exactly this musical pure form. He educes a euphoria from the actually calm end of “Energetic”, which one could only wish for on every dancefloor, by going far afield with regard to the synth waves.

A2. Korokana (Cuthead Remix)
Dresden’s cuthead from the periphery of the uncanny valley notoriously likes to romp about at the crossovers between deep house, sould and hiphop. It is clear that “Koroka” as a starting point especially appeals to him. He grips the vocal samples and slightly grinds off the edges of the originals – in favour of a relaxed, dancing lightness in house music.

B1. Clarity feat. Sophie Taylor (Redshape Remix)
In contrast, Redshape gives the originally hovering anthem “Clarity” more edges and drive. Sophie Taylor‘s vocals insert skimped loops into the analogous acid inspired synth sounds of the Berliner. The statement of Sophie Taylor’s desire for “Clarity” is definitely placed on a new level with this rawly left interpretation.

B2. Get Phunky feat. Aquarius Heaven (Nick Curly Remix)
Finally, Nick Curly contributes the hypnotic and elegant minimalism of present house with his remix of “Get Phunky”. The Mannheimer’s tech-house swooshes by streamline-shaped, though not without Aquarious Heaven’s distinctive words.

Digital Bonus*
However:a digital bonus of his remix is available as a complete instrumental dub-version