Black Magic EP
FAT 072


VINYL RELEASE: 19.02.2016




A1. Black Magic
A2. Monofile
B1. Red
B2. Distance
Feel One*

Black magic, what is that supposed to be? A spell that seeks to do harm to others? Usually yes, however Taron-Trekka are animated by the best intentions, rather aim for the magic of the night and as always want to merely destroy the dancefloors of this world in a symbolic way. In fact, nobody has comes to grief with the four tracks of their “Black Magic EP” (the last part of their “Magic” triology) – nevertheless, they possess a certain magic.
However, Taron-Trekka don’t make jumbo jets disappear, they don’t walk through the Chinese wall or initiate other cocky tricks à la Copperfield. They are more like thimbleriggers. Or card jugglers. You know, those guys who surprise you when you least reckon with it. Those who have already outsmarted your mind when you were still thinking that it was just about to really begin.
Taron-Trekka have the groove and cast a net of loops, which magically creates a tremendous energy. Loops with which the smallest shift can open up worlds. Worlds, which admittedly appear accessible, but are hardly decipherable. This way, tools become magical tracks. Furthermore, house becomes a music, which brands itself to the last corners of a soul. Just like the trick that you haven’t understood until today.


A1. Black Magic
Taron-Trekka‘s ride through the night starts funky and dry with the title track of the EP. The effects bleep here and fade away there, however over distance a magical pull develops. A pull that can only be escaped from with great difficulty.

A2. Monofile
Regarding “Monofile”, Taron-Trekka conjures a groove as selfwilled as enchanting by initially making vocals and keys appear on a dead straight beat and then letting this very same one stumble over itself. At the right moment it engenders at least as much “Ohs” as “Ahs” in a club, you bet.

B1. Red

From black to red, from night until morning. For exactly this moment “Red” was made, which brings every last person to the next afterhour with its swing and depth.

B2. Distance
Entirely against its own title, “Distance” may indeed affect one deeply. Namely then, when one wants to delve into funk as subtle as extensive. That is Jan Jelinek at a gallop or SND with more punch. Both are fantastic.

Feel One (Digi Only)

Once again, Taron-Trekka show that they may enchante the lower BPM area due to their exclusive Digi bonus “Feel One”. Classic beatdown-dreamer-food with diffident areas and vocal philandering of which we cannot get enough.