Mathias Kaden
Energetic Remixes Part II
FAT 073


VINYL RELEASE: 03.06.2016




A1. Soulmakers feat. Zoe Xenia (Deetron Remix)
A2. Soulmakers feat. Zoe Xenia (Pulshar Remix)
B1. Tangerine (Uner Remix)
B2. Wisdoms (Daniel Stefanik Remix)
Soulmakers feat. Zoe Xenia (Deetron Dub)*
Soulmakers feat. Zoe Xenia (Deetron Bassapella)*

It is one year ago that Mathias Kaden presented a very personal journey to his musical roots in the shape of an album called "Energetic". Equally as long he has been out in the world as a live act - with some large analogous luggage and the same joy of performing with which he had won many hearts as a DJ on the dancefloor beforehand. After the first batch of remixes (among others by Michael Mayer and Redshape) there are now following further revisions of three of the album's tracks.


A1. Soulmakers feat. Zoe Xenia (Deetron Remix)
The deepness institution from Bern named Deetron are particularly fond of the analogous and sublimely swinging synth bassline of "Soulmakers". However, he modulates it into a wild, joyfully soaring sound artefact. Combined with a few more BPM, the original strings and Zoe Xenia’s ode to the initial house music vibe a track is created which firstly heralds the start of peak time and shortly after ignites the entire dancefloor.

A2. Soulmakers feat. Zoe Xenia (Pulshar Remix)
Finally, “Soulmakers“ and Spain again. The duo Pulshar drapes its remix in a warm dub blanket with many delays, soft strings and smoothly bouncing bass drums. The perfect conclusion to this second part of “Energetic” remixes.

B1. Tangerine (Uner Remix)
The Spaniard Uner attends to the energetic, playful “Tangerine“ and creates a powerfully vibrant house music track with a dark techno tendency. Only towards the end some sunlight flares up briefly and distantly.

B2. Wisdoms (Daniel Stefanik Remix)
The remix of “Wisdoms” is a special matter of the heart – since Mathias Kaden’s brother in “grime” Daniel Stefanik draws the piano house anthem into a furious Detroit techno vortex of spherical and ghostly slithering sounds of the original. The timing is perfect: both of them are on a jubilee tour for they’ve been performing rocketing DJ sets together as Stefanikaden since ten years.

Digital Bonus: Soulmakers feat. Zoe Xenia (Deetron Dub)

In the dub version Deetron focuses purely on the musical energy/power of his remix and integrates the “Soulmakers” vocals in enigmatic elements.

Digital Bonus. Soulmakers feat. Zoe Xenia (Deetron Bassapella)
Those who enjoy Deetron’s bass research/experiments even more extracted, will get very lucky with Bassapella. No strings. No vocals. Only bass drum and a pervasive bass loop which squirms itself out of its basic shape in batches.