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Various Artists
Mathias Kaden presents "The exclusive Watergate 14 Tracks"
FAT12inch 002


VINYL RELEASED: 26.05.2014


A. Rodriguez Jr. - Nausicâa
AA. Marco Resmann - D. Teacher
AAA. Christian Burkhardt - Under The Wheel

That Mathias Kaden definitely knows how to put together a complete mix-cd, is clearly on display for the full-blooded DJ and house enthusiast with the 2011 compilation of the Groove CD number 40. For the 14th Watergate Compilation he bounds an edition with a key set on CD with timeless releases and evergreen classics united. These function just the same in the club on the banks of the Spree just as they would anywhere. Not least of all to thank are the three exclusive and unreleased tracks from Rodriguez Jr., Marco Resmann and Christian Burkhardt. These are finally available on vinyl and can be acquired via Freude Am Tanzen. Made for the club or the best festivals and open-airs of the summer. House without compromise and danceable happiness in a four x four gallop. In short, energizing and yet elegant just like the sets from Mathias Kaden himself.