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No Chappi
FATzig 013




01. Woe And Flutter
02. The Session
03. Hey There Buddy
04. Rnapo Pina
05. Tanger (2015 Rechap)

"My Name Is Schultz", First name "Jens Lutz": two EP milestones that the artist Juno6 from Leipzig achieved in 2009 and 2011 at "Freude am Tanzen" in Jena. Finally, the third one named "No Chappi" is about to be reached in 2015. Instead of width Juno6 is focusing on depth and once again, the conscious sacrifice distinguishes Stefan Demuth's music. Computers only play a minor or no part at all for him in the studio as well as live.

Woe And Flatter starts off the EP feather-light with some nostalgic rushing. Shortly after, substance is lent to the track by a phat analogous drum set. Fluting voice shreds get lost in the bass, it resounds "A Change Is Coming". Organic is not an assertion here, pitch levels slide away, warmth spreads out. Juno6 is going deep, not into width. Shortly afterwards, during The Session he leans back into a wing chair, swings the percussions on his knees and improvises a piece of wanderlust with the C-Melody saxophone. One may divine the opened window of Demuth's backyard studio, it smells of lime trees. After getting refreshed, it continues back to the front of the dance floor with Hey There Buddy. Juno6 greets St.Germain! An organ chord is the anchor, while smooth pads shimmer away. A reminder of Acid is inwrought in the creaking bass of Rnapo Pina and a casual snap of the fingers can only thrust aside the melodic melancholy insufficiently. As a bonus and a big surprise, Tanger from the "Jens Lutz EP" of 2011 is finally to be expected as a rechap version. The original version can only be divined, uplifting & playful becomes deep & dubby. "No Chappi EP" - No bullshit!

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