Take 'em All
FATzig 014




01. Be My Ghost
02. Myself
03. Turn It Of
04. Take 'em All
05. Myself (Micronaut Remix)
06. Myself ( Sven Tasnadi Remix)

After his “Roofs” album and the “All those Moments” EP, the dreaming spirit of Mooryc again traces tenderly the world of waves. With “Take 'em All”, he collects bittersweet vocals and strict drums on 4 new tracks, having the wind at his back with remixes from Micronaut and Sven Tasnadi. From another world the moon shimmers between hard and soft through the window. As if it perished and was resurrected, the sound stands with a lanky silhouette from another time. Good and bad with both colors he paints with his heart in the notes. Yet still sounding like a Japanese Jurori without the makeup he gathers simultaneously an excitement for the forthcoming album with Douglas Greed as „EATING SNOW“. Mooryc makes what only the few can master, and that is the combination of soft and hard.


1. Be My Ghost
Like the Beauty and the Beast circling in the title track, the swinging song of the marching drummer. Between discipline and fleeting belief there takes shape a song as real as life itself, always both, never alone.

2. Myself
Along with forest light rays and on the back of a two meter high 12ender, Mooryc speaks of himself, his legends, and the sonics flavor the presentation.

3. Turn It Off
Without vocals but with muscle power, Mooryc spins spitefully and slides the bass right on time ever forward, focussed and autonomously purposeful, the track spans the arch in the other corner of the EP.

4. Take 'em All
“Take em all” gets right to the center, a closing time ballad with an impressive feeling of happiness. Not back and forth, just melancholy and release.

 5. Myself (Micronaut Remix)
The Micronaut takes over the reins and expands the lonely stories of the forest lights into an endlessness of circling bows.

6. Myself (Sven Tasnadi Remix)
The light goes out, the 12ender turns into a disco ball and Sven Tasnadi makes from “Myself” a driving rapture where whipping arms melt into wings.