Taron-Trekka feat. Violet Starfish
Pourpre Sable EP
FAT-zig 022




01. Okular
02. Shera
03. The Willow Tree

When the rush wears off, relaxation sets in. Yet, it is not easy to strike the right chord for every era musically. Taron-Trekka is familiar with both: the exhilarating turmoil and pushing of a club night as well as the soothing decay and the eager beginning of the night. One simply hears this in their countless tracks. The new EP “Pourpre Sable” focuses on the beginnings and the endings: when things go calmer, continuously or reconvened, when conversations, thoughts and memories mingle with gliding grooves, when the synapses are fully attuned to deepness.

However, the three tracks are not making do with reduced, dimmed house arrangements – despite those very three being a truly big deal in terms of deepness. No way, Taron-Trekka have snatched Violet Starfish.  Their casual, yet almost intimate singsong gives the tracks a spoken word profundity that will melt in one’s mouth. Never intrusive, never put-on. Storytelling on and beside the dancefloor.


1. Okular
In decelerated fashion, ”Okular“ shifts through entwined string sections, flushed by a few brightly flashing key strokes on the synth. In addition, a brief smile from Violet Starfish. Super deep.

2. Shera
The atmosphere remains dimmed, but the bass drum is a lot tighter. ”Shera“ focuses on field recordings of a distant road, on few, concise sounds and the voice of Violet Starfish. Is this the prime time peeking out or can we expect any more to happen today?

3. The Willow Tree
A track with classical potential. Gently vibrant house chords amid dynamic bass drums and percussions, Violet Starfish at its best. A shimmer in the air and all of a sudden, the sun is flooding the floor with all its warmth.