The Micronaut
Contrast Remixes Part One
FAT-zig 023



01. Earlylate (Map.ache Remix)
02. Earlylate (Andreas Henneberg Remix)
03. Smallbig (Robert Helms Remix)
04. Earlylate (Panthera Krause Remix)

A few months ago, The Micronaut unleashed an incredible release of endorphin in the clubs with his »Contrast« EP. Seemingly effortless and with an inspired smile, he pushes all genre boundaries. The result is an unusually energetic hybrid sound combining breakbeat, IDM, UK funky and trance. The Micronaut’s songs are truly a goldmine for remixers – seeing as he joins so many elements that each possess enormous hit potential.

»Earlylate«, Micronaut‘s tribute to the British summer of love, evidently left the greatest impression. In fact, three producers got to work on a reinterpretation of this track. During the summer of 2018, three very different versions of the song were developed. From breaking deep to bass loaded four to the floor and finally completely different as a lascivious disco reincarnation. This ought to have even astonished an allrounder like Micronaut.

Robert Helms from his old home town Rostock provided support. He dims the breaking fanfare-esque pop sample »Smallbig« to a slower gliding deep house track. And this was only the first part. »Contrast Remixes Part 2« is up next.


1. Earlylate (Map.ache Remix)
Embracing ambient sounds meet mighty breakbeats. Map.ache from Kann Records does everything to male time stand still and does so successfully.

2. Earlylate (Andreas Henneberg Remix)
Here, the demolition power from »Earlydate« has been bang on. Andreas Henneberg ought to be well ahead with this remix in the category »Best Break«.

3. Smallbig (Robert Helms Remix)

Robert Helms invites you to delve into dreaming. He highlights the deep chords and vocals of »Smallbig« and boosts them in slow house mode.

4. Earlylate (Panthera Krause Remix)

And for the grand finale, his buddy from Leipzig Panthera Krause recruits all his strength. His poetic disco sense is legendary – which he demonstrates brilliantly with his remix.