Nobody knows why Fujimi lives in Jena… She was born in Japan, grew up in Stuttgart and Paris and has an american and french nationality. And then moves to a small german town called Jena to do her studies? Never would mademoiselle multiculti have thought to find her passion in this small town: her passion for techno. Because Jena has a wonderful familiar techno scene. And that’s how she started djing with vinyl about two years ago.

As Fujimi was caught up in her techno-trance, she started to wander and discover different basements and clubs across Germany to get inspired. That’s how her style evolved into a dark, driving, bassy, hypnotic direction. Through the hard and fast sound she tries to tell us a story that makes you forget the roller coaster of every day life. Because that’s the most beautiful moment for her in the club: when she closes her eyes, forgets about everything and only feels the music living in her.



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Our latest episode comes from Fujimi. Be prepared for driving techno!

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Schillergässchen 5,
07745 Jena

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FATPOD#48 - Fujimi