Label report, excess in electronic gymnastics 2014 beyond being bathed in sweat

At the young age of 16, we are on our way to great freedom in the prime of puberty, whether during an interview with the boss, the favourite-fat-tracks-revue with Matze Kaden or the jubilee compilation SIX10, we have heavily celebrated our teenager highlight and passed our moped driver's licence.

Marek Hemmann brought the bittersweet sound of his album to clubs and concert halls in Europe during the 4-month-tour and let the 'lindworm hatch' as a track and remix set. Daniel and Andreas aka Taron-Trekka examine the broad field of minimal grooves with lilac and blonde magic, while the sound-collective No Accident In Paradise increases the cuddle factor of the FAT family with their first official release. Besides famous stalactite caves Saalfeld presented Thomas Stieler and the FAT-zig 012 to us this year. Our record store turns 13 and for the jubilee we are starting a new limited vinyl series "Fatplastics" with tracks from Metaboman, Large M and Monkey Maffia. Mathias Kaden presented "The exclusive Watergate #14 Tracks" with undisclosed tracks by Rodriguez Jr, Marco Resmann and Christian Burkhardt.
From the Musikkrause living room Rainer Maria Silke aka Berk Offset 'taps the overhead wire' on MK 041 and Soulphiction delightfully embeds the nature of rythm in the MK 042.


A "sustainable" Freude-am-Tanzen-Label Report 2012

The success of the digital compilation Muchas Fatcias leaded to a physical 2x12inch release as a limited edition distributed via Decks Records. We say thanks (Danke!). Douglas Greed brings a few buddies on his LP "KRL" and these cloth his tracks with fresh garments as the FAT055. The first digital release is from newbie Mooryc from Poznan at our new FAT-zig edition. To add, a special 7-inch disc is blessed with an "Marek'chen Hemmann" purification.

Mr. Wruhme stopped by and left tracks for Musik Krause, also known as MK039 or "Leistenhans Zwo EP". Sören Bodner slid the FAT056 in place, his second release that hits harder than ever with the hit: "Sources from the Past". The track had a timely run and showed on the Benga & Skream BBC radio show announced as: "Monkey Maffia > a good music guy from Berlin." We smiled about that.



In May 2012 Carlos began a partnership with us, and the FAT picnic with the thoroughbreds of the label, collected together on the riverbank bar Strand 22 in Jena - and the "Eisheiligen" - or Frost Saints - were also present as guests. It was quite chilly but the mood brooked no disturbance.


First "Determiner". The maxi edition of the pop group Pentatones under the catalog number FAT057, reorganized and arranged through Taron-Trekka & Stefanikkaden alias Daniel Stefanik and Mathias Kaden. Gathaspar from Poland adorns the official costume with three tracks studded on the FAT058.

It went "boom-chat-boom" - our official summer t-shirt for 2012 expressing and paying homage to the beloved-by-all bass drum! Toci was here, of course. In June we flew to Barcelona and gave a refreshing showcase on the East Ender Festival on the edge of the Sonar Festival 2012.


Kadebostan and his bud Laolu dropped three tracks off at the label - two boxers were included as photos. The short: stick your nose into twisted tuba's and find the components of select oriental folk-song books and there you have the FAT059. The artists aim for a variant of the cover and thereby maintain as well the continuous FAT signature hidden on the cover. Right after the summer Kadebostan brought Laolu to Germany and the two went on a mini-tour and pulled through with their DJ-sets at clubs in Berlin, Halle, Dresden, Jena and Tbilisi.


Orph informed and in the fall came with some stuff together with Krause Duo resulting in a 10-inch release as the "Robots EP" on Musik Krause in a new format. Our roster additions Tim Vita and Oliver Gehrmann met as civil service workers in Kassa, jammed together and made the FAT Podcast 23. Icepicking their way up the mountain of house. Digital smashing at the same time in conclusion is the FAT-ZIG005 "136 Tales".


On it goes with house, Taron-Trekka releasing a very "American-sounding besprinkled release" FAT060 with cover art illustrated by Tine Drefahl. Monsieur Kadebostan pressed his songs from the past in gold and finally on CD "Gold Retrospective 2007–2012". The gold-plaited was discovered in the deep forests of Brandenburg which also blesses the cover. A unique edition, naturally as a limited pressing.

Hamburg, the door to the world: A "Great FAT-label night" was found in the Club der Freundschaft, as Uebel & Gefährlich. A year round meeting of friends and a thank you to our northern friends. Christmas is in the house and therewith also the FAT Podcast 24. The idea: laid back music by the music formation No Accident in Paradise. Here there stands 60 minutes of ambient-sonic-capsules with an audio book character. The down tempo-est podcast ever.


2011 is was music + music = MUSIC, sweat, soup, emo, dust, heat, runny nose, Club Mate poisoning, behind closed doors...for all intents and purposes the entire crazy culture of the night owls. What remains is the music.

"The fine, reduced structures of, first and foremost, the minimal techno in Germany at the end of the 90's, and all of the socio-revolutionary impulses of electronic dance music are almost completely gone. Rather in recent times in many locations there is a digital strain of a musical mixing from extremely pressurized, highly-compressed beats, monotone bass-lines and – for the ever-repeating climax – curious sounds reminding one of a vacuum cleaner. With this permanent flood of signals this mix has influenced the listening habits of an entire generation and independent from all historical burden (soul, disco, funk) and disruptive connotation (innovation, divergence), is a mass commodity. One track is the same as the next one coming along." (Tobias Thomas)

This citation is sourced from an article under the following weblink (in German) and is heartily recommended via weblink. Comprehensively right on the money, is the a sum up from Kompakt a friend of the family, for the year 2011.

The "short" Freude am Tanzen report for 2011

For all the unsettling developments, ever-more complex structures, saturated markets - it appears in regards to "Elektro" and such fare, from Jena there is still some fine soup being prepared. What was begun as a kind of viral marketing fun for the FAT 5zig Compilation, was realized wonderfully. Cooking, music, food – what a combination. Not only in student homes, but also in the TheatreCafe Jena the eats were proficiently prepared and served.


The first release of 2011 was also the first release from Monkey Maffia period. The hard scrabble and paper bag said good bye. The ape record was the final one in the old design.

Monkey Maffia has his own website entered in the race for the world wide web. Illustrations bedeck it's contents.

What began with cooking soup clips and real soups found a counterpart on the fiftieth FAT release and coupled with the tour. The FAT nights in locations like Ritter Butzke, Panoramabar, Watergate, etc. and took the first places in the party people rankings, where a couple of pots boiled over... Our 'oranje' clad neighbors went all out at the FAT-Showcase (with Stefanik, Krause Duo), at the Amsterdam event.

Marek Hemmann has a thirst for pop. Together with the singer Fabian Reichelt he gives creedence to the musical project Marian. In the form of a long player they show you how pop and club are brought together in 2011.

Taron Trekka dug out their own status between thump and deepness with the Grom Attaf EP. The A-side strikes with a bass-line like Nester straight from the boxes... The excellent music was rounded off with the cover design coming from the graphic artist Tine Drefahl with support by Toci.

A new discovery was made: Gathaspar from Poland, and his Cedar EP was the third digital release "FAT-ZIG003" sent in the world. Seldom are deepness and club-thumping together like they are in his music. Here a small plant grows....

Berk Offset makes his base on Musikkrause with vinyl alias MK035. Finest techno between a burst of laughter and neck-breaker next to the groove, is his mark.

Just the same, on Musikkrause there was Even tuell (from Workshop Rec.) with his sign of deepness and inimitability. The MK catalog is rich with favorite releases. These belong for many to the finest.

Our Leipzig buddy Juno6 shows in his machine-livesets and with his "Jens Lutz EP", the proper way to combine a signature and a richness of variety.

Again, from Leipzig there is a new band called Marbert Rocel (Compost). Together with Mathias Kaden there stands the project "Karocel" – A hearty welcome to the FAT Booking Station.

Our beloved Fatplastics Recordstore is 10! Aganst the digitalization trends, here you can get the aesthetic and cultural treasures, vinyl records. For many these are still the most valuable media ever. Next to the hunter and gatherer roles the store is also a place for the like-minded.

Douglas Greed fulfilled his long bound-up dream: to hold his first double album in his hands called "KRL". The mister looks over his sound specs over to the UK. Very well done, sir!

Our podcast series range reached listener numbers of such an excessive number, that the record buyers could bring us to the point that we've been taken over by Universal Music...oops, shaken awake...fact is, the server engine is sometimes driven as hard as it can go.

Spatz coined the expression of the year: "I'm gonna puke on the platter"

At the Sonne Mond Sterne through the 24 hour showcase, the Guetta was driven from the mind and legs.

Our enthusiast web vehicle Rave Strikes Back turned into a new word-press based information platform and anecdote database.

And while we are on the subject: Rave Strikes Again means, along with the associated podcast over 20 years of house and techno history in Jena + party that followed with DJ Foch, Metaboman, Monkey Maffia & Shape at Kassablanca (for the first time in the place there was "Sky & Sand" on vinyl paired up with "X-101 Sonic Destroyer" – the club Kassablanca trembled for a little bit there!).

Daniel Stefanik switched to Cocoon in Frankfurt/Main. Of course he remains a friend of the house :-)

For the end of the year as a thank you to our fans and patrons, there was the Muchas Fatcias Compilation release. The first release was digital as a gift, and later in the new year as vinyl.


The Leipziger warhorse Daniel Stefanik trustingly placed his booking into our in-house agency and the capable hands of agent Griede. The union runs on two tracks and thereby his "The Madcap Laughs EP" in "Freude am Tanzen" jersey is bolted to the upper left of the goal.

The digital drilled "Metawuffmischfelge" is the first Mix Compilation on our label and is best suited for sunsets; for the current year, this is the soundtrack.

Together in the bus ridin’ to clubs like Watergate, the Panorama Bar, the Uebel and Gefaehrlich and the Muna, the tables, chairs and walls tremble to make room for the bass-heavy energy of a FAT Label night.

The 10th birthday was celebrated without a word or notice but with a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar and freshly opened email.

Our regular ‘stunna’ at the Sonne Mond Sterne festival has all of our artists in rare form. With steeled acoustic biceps, unchained devotion and abundant volume we are bringing our tent to the threshold of collapse under the weight of the sweaty fog of party air.

Our party san Mathias Kaden toured (almost without any homesickness) America and used the year, exactly as did his partner in crime Marek Hemmann, to release his first solo release with us.


Jena is not Siberia, and so as you would expect the healthy side of consumming Vodka isn't so obvious here – the solution: to savour is the finest spice! You can buy our tunes digitally at kompakt-mp3.net, BEATPORT, MUSICLOAD and FINETUNES.

Dapayk, Marcel Knopf, Treplec and Ian Simmonds were immediately booked in all the little joints of this world by the charming Agent Griede.

The liver of Adolph Noise has had surgery performed by Michael Mayer and Robag Wruhme. The prognosis appears in the form of FAT025 "Rammelwolle Remixes". Robag learns how to drive a truck; the name Rolf Oksen is on the drivers license. The truck in question is the FAT030 "Bart Eins EP". A certain Mario Willms doesn't want to go that route anymore. Therefore from his tears there stands the Live & in Vinyl cut the FAT028 and FAT031, as the dancible Douglas Greed melancholy... Musik Krause took part in the MK017 epochal-jazzy: Metaboman and mostrously dark and damp Even Tuell, from the airbag-craftworks area.


2 small stands at the Pop-up Leipzig and in the warm sun of Barcelona.

We love Hamburg! Helge Schneider with Rocko Schamoni and Gustav from Vienna in the Robag slice of music. Pudel-Trip to Hamburg and Robag spin Jazz Music.

The year-long label parade with the 4+5>8 contains the next years bringing in. The delicious Soulphiction pulled up lice and united the street smarts and party noses at the Kassablanca club.

On 27.12 the year-end bash throttled 700 guests into a sweating mass. The Wighnomy's reinvented the marathon, from that the 7th Anthony Perkins memory-set. The invited Paul Kalkbrenner styed home sick in bed?!

At first loved and then hated! - Get the real me, not at myspace – who else is feeling this?


Fatplastics Web will be redesigned and in March – Miss Kittin is coming to Kassa, the Wighnomy’s have warmed up, vision is impaired because of the steaming sweat, the Kassa cabin will shortly explode

Krause Duo with the first Food-playlist – whoever wants to know what will be played, needs to get a move on. Whatever lands on your plate begs to be savoured and not just tasted.

Freude-Krause Family will shortly be welcoming a new addition. Agent Griede and "Netzer"-Blosse have crafted a Pele, on April 1st the cry will for the first time be heard: "Hello world, here I am!"

The FAT/MK convention booth will be at the Pop-up 2004 and Camp Music 2004, prepared within the framework of Antje Adamovsky’s dissertation; allowing everyone’s eyes to catch a glimpse.


The first Musikkrause album „Wuzzlebud KK" due date is upon us – begotten by father Robag and mother Wruhme /// Metaboman and Carlsen Basu release their first as the Krause Duo on Musik Krause and all the while allow Heinz Erhardt to dominate the club after hours /// The maxim "Früh übt sich" (practice makes perfect) holds true for the first release of Wighnomys vs. Pele planned in the form of FAT019 "3Fachmisch EP"

Jena again strikes Gera, and Mathias Kaden and Marek Hemman end up with their chips behind the FAT. A petition for mercy in the form of FAT16, 18, 21 have led to the gents being next up on the to-do list.

Wighnomys drift through 2004 on the trails of Marco Polo’s footsteps, with the aim of spreading the Saale Valley seeds throughout the earth. A snapshot out of the journal: Damn, the vodka still hasn’t run out; mad and naked 4/4 bass drum box climbing has been established as a discipline in itself; Koze is simply packed into the set, with sleep deprivation as the resident pharmacological agent; all around nice dude to run around the Zoological Garden with!

Rave Strikes Back will be lifted from the baptism and symbolises our position.

Following an invitation from sor-b.ch, an excursion for the label in June to Switzerland and a bus ride to Geneva to drop a bomb – at the Weetamix with Luciano, the Wighnomy’s, Sampayo and other Swiss were popping like it should (Thanks to Pierre Yves, Karinna and Marc). To boot there was the legendary after-hours with Regenbogen on Sunday @ Dachkantine Zurich.

Robag Wruhme is smothered with remix requests, and Wighnomy juice is being prepared for Slam, Alter Ego, Trüby Trio, Dominik Eulberg, Frank Martiniq and many more.

The track "K.T.B" from the album „Wuzzlebud KK“ is licensed to the Jazzanova collaborator Sonar Kollektiv where remixes will be soon appearing. Additionally a music video is to be spun by Deliha & friend community.

Mister Toci shows a little attitude at the Melt-Festival: Richie Hawtin is spinning early at 6:30 a.m. and an account: first thing is he gets himself a Caipiriniha! Wighnomy's rock the early morn, Luciano’s live set just soaks in soul, Koze broke out the torch and roasted‘em, and it was flat out a wonderful festival!


The magic FAT007 – the dream of "Spatz". "Fort Knox" – it's all about Mr. Bond. They are all aboard - Glamour Deluxe with Pussy Galore.

The Wighnomy's FAT009 track "i miss you babe" is licensed for EFA's INHOUSE II CD compi. We have contact to Finland therefore FAT008 "Boys from Finland" has been released in a quick way. Sasse aka Freestyle Man & Mr. Tapani Tolpanniemi feat. Grekori are since this time on board.

Musik Krause - a new wonderful Freude-am-Tanzen music sublabel has been established in collaboration with Metaboman & Spatz. The first "click house" release MK 001 has been produced by Metaboman himself. Steve Parish - now DJ CARLSEN BASU - founded a musical fusion with Metaboman to unique KRAUSE DUO NR.2. Musik Krause tracks has been licensed for Kompakt`s Triple R & Schaffelfieber 2 CD.

Freude am Tanzen became a fresh designed website in PINK with small human icons that leads the label to a outstanding recognizable state of design. The unknown master behind the design > toci was here.


5 years Wighnomy Brothers. An amazing WB club tour 2002 rocked at different cities in Germany.

Rockin`Acts 2002 @ Kassablanca Jena - Jori Hulkkonen, Louie Austin, DJ Koze - endless happiness!


FAT002 has been produced with tracks from Gabor, Mr. Tanzmann & colleagues. We were looking for a new distributor. With a Peugeot 106 and 700 records Spatz was on the way to Discomania - our new distributor. Then a surprise: FAT002 was sold out all of a sudden. The Wighnomy FAT002 track "Summertime" has been licensed for the DISCOTHEQUE 6 compilation. A call from Kompakt in Cologne - a feeling of comfort. FAT002 re-release by Kompakt > sold: 1200 times > our new distributor: Kompakt in Cologne.

FAT003 remixes "Summertime" has been released. Marcho's FAT002 remix track has been licensed for the compilation German House Suite 2 CD (LOST VEGAS).


2013 – The label is "growing up"

A bunch of colorful remixes from the Marian album were scattered among the people via vinyl. Douglass Greed rides with Fabian Kuss and Micha "Beatklops" Nagler together to a music project called "Douglas Greed feat. Nagler & Kuss". As an Easter egg there is the FAT 062.

With the spring there comes some new things. In April our website was redesigned after a very long service life over many years. It has been infused with new colors and images as well as streamlined navigation. The graphics artists pulled a couple of night shifts and were compensated with free pizza coupons.

Martin Anacker pulled the sails tight and took over the booking for Marek Hemmann. Agent Griede came back from maternity leave and took over on deck the "Booking rudder" of the FAT ship.

The 2010 founded "Karocel" took on more and more musical shape. Mathias Kaden and his music accomplices from the house of Marbert Rocel Leipzig, released their first EP as FAT 063 "This One" before the album release. The album "Plaited" was first released in June, and everything was 'paid in full' with a celebrated show at the Kulturarena 2013.

Phenomenal "Free range, rave culture" – this is the continuation of the FAT Picnic on the Strand 22 in our hometown of Jena. Thanks to Carlos, thanks to Jena, thanks to Mother Nature! Shortly thereafter, we released a small digital compilation with the title "Freude am Tanzen Picnic".


Jesper Ryom of Denmark, the "Verwalter der Schätze" (Custodian of Treasures), another newbie in the "Booking Artist" index in the Schillergasse. With his release, "Syvover" FAT-ZIG 008 he proffered up a good start on the job and even brought Hans Christian Anderson along with him. He also served as support on the Marek Hemmann Tour 2014.

Marek Hemmann conjured his second album from the shirt sleeves. "Bittersweet" is set right where "In Between" stopped. With that, the album is again such a beautiful, secretive being between the dance floor and the terrace, between the sweet sunrise and the energy-loaded club night. At the start of 2014 he started a European wide 4-month album tour through the clubs, halls and arenas.

Monkey Maffia Music Club, since forever lead by Sören Bodner, FATs ape for the rough and deep, released FAT 064 in June. That is, the "M.M.M.C.3.EP". House in its manifold quintessence.

"The youth built that on their own". The producer duo Tim Vita and Oliver Gehrmann can be thus titled who with their release "24 Pieces" which on FAT 065 proclaimed "Let there be house". Modern house eternalized on vinyl.

Mooryc from Poland is now in the FAT Booking boat. The young man from Poznan tootled long on his own sound and in November an album is set in the starting blocks. Long story short: "Roofs". Mooryc also accompanies Marek Hemmann as support on the Bittersweet Tour 2014.


What a year! There was so much incredibly great music but also truly a glut of mediocrity short living assembly line production. Anyway, we rock the quality.

Fatplastics starts an online shop with the best delivered vinyl of the pressing plants along with the most profound back stock in Mid-Germany (+selected CD program, club merchandise, Club Mate sidewalk sale and of course the „Thuringian Kuschelkloß“)

My color is black! Rave Strikes Back website looks positive & black in the new paint in the future. Rave and Katze are wicked. The vinyl is going to be a nature reserve – the campaign "Schütze dein Vinyl" will start with a Stylo-Checker T-shirt.


R.I.P. Technics 1210er production! – our grave spray is ordered! Delivery only as long as supplies last. What remains: the absolute DJ workbench as prospective antique. The Walkman was also sent into retirement.

In periodically intervals cheerfully podcasting straight on. Monkey Maffia and Krause Duo vinyllieren well. Kadebostan Live at Distillery Leipzig, Feindrehstar burrows into old tapes, "Lick it!" is the bass wrecking ball calling, no, "Stick it!"

The claviature of the mud to the SMS festival! The baggage of the FAT tent rocks 24hours nonstop. Tent and water level approach to threat! The texture and mass of mud is exceptional – the atmosphere as well.

Marek & Fabian Reichelt, the "Erasure of the club scene". They release hit potential music on the FAT047 "Left/Right EP". Tracks by Taron-Trekka let the Nerd Society and Party people make peace with each other. Treplecs quote"Untenrum geht’s besser” gets a new lining.

Right for the summer Feindrehstar releases their debut album Vulgarian Knights on Musik Krause. LIVE anyway unbeatable, as even the arts section stands upside down. Several year rankings confirm the quality of the album.

Mathias "Matze" Kaden ecstatically the Japanese on tour with "maximal-Samba" and Robag works with permission on Yorke and Modeselektor - FAT12inch001 series starts, vinyl only, of course.

FAT ZIG Digital series begins with the first release of Douglas Greed – the title is: "Luxusdiskussion" a musical situations report with vision & criticism in one.


Whilst financial institutes were collapsing elsewhere, Hemmann & Kaden flung themselves on a bench and started the year with the "Karacho/Synchro EP". Douglas Greed piled upon with "Beuys don´t cry" just before maestro Hemmann shot a direct hit into the summerhitgoal with his "Gemini". And even today you might hear young folks whistle the sax hook.

Juno6 from Leipzig and the new duo Taron-Trekka gave their spirited debut a little later and Kadebostan sweetened that years dawn with his typical penchant for honey-bonded melodrama. With all these colorfully assorted maxis Marek Hemmann's debut album "In between" joined company.

The sister label "Musik Krause" saw releases of equal substance and delight. Which is totally comprehensible, when listening to the cranky-charming "Beans in Sandals" series of the infamous Krause Duo. And Musik Krause conjured an album out of the hat, too. Ian Simmonds beautiful example of "different" called "The Burgenland Dubs".

Our artist subbass-massaged all kinds of international club music community meetings every weekend and the SonneMondSterne festival 2009 was supplied by "Freude am Tanzen" (= enjoy dancing) for two and a half days.

At the end of the year Wighnomy Brothers announced to take separated ways and we are looking forward to rock on with Monkey Maffia.


Robags external-reworks collection "Remikks Potpourri 2" was put through the spin cycle. An event for the surviving CD format lovers!

At the Pop-Up exhibition in Leipzig a FAT stand was managed by Wiebke & Toci with care and love. A really well received network happening.

Discovery of the year: the Swiss resident Kadebostan. The 12 inch "Caracas Soul" lets the sun into your heart appeared as FAT032. Also as a live act he arrived at the "FAT Sommerfest" – somewhat more club energetic as reserved, highly recommended. MK-discovery of the year: Schleck & Stecker, 3 wild crazy dudes as a live act make the family outing into a raaaaaaave! The first 'Schepper-Rabautz-Bratsche' release „Moschusmieze“ via the MK020 grooved in vinyl. Robag took the cart into his cellar archives and came out with: „The Lost Archives 1998-2007“ with one of the finest layouts of the digipack history.


There was the trip to "Lumberjack" Canada: Mutek Festival was a little unsure – the Wighnomys let „I'am Ravin, i'am Ravin“ pump out of the boxes. Even the trees raved!

Relaunch - Freude am Tanzen has been refreshed by the graphic designer "toci" (later "toci was here"). Since the first time he creates also the full collection of cover artworks exclusively for the label. Thanks!


The baby whip "Guppipeitsche" was brandished on the FAT033 in the Wighnomy cottage. That ended in gloomy head.

The Fusion-Festival was once again bound to the heart. Monkey Maffia rocked the "Rindenmulch-Floor". In Kassa their 'own' hangar allowed Tiny, Soulphiction, Schleck & Stecker, Oliver Goldt, Feindrehstar and the Krause Duo make one Sunday absolutely timeless!

We say the NME "New Rave was last week" with a wink of the eye. The action was painted at Nicky's.

Slamfest on at the Bleilochtalsperre (Bleiloch Valley Dam). Motto for the '07 SMS: „Schlamm against Bass“ - we are again in our own tent, a complete 2 days with a proper dose of mud and guts and lovely guests, yeah!!
Day 1: Oliver Goldt rolled out the red carpet (hand-woven of course), Metabotruppe & Immo posted up at the snack table security, the Wighnomy's chatting at first with the beat-hoover, Marek rolled the carpet back to spotless and drenched all at the same time, Matze Kaden washed the boards and floor spick and span.
Day 2: Le’Auditeur comrades Marvellous & Mbeck aren't exclusive – early arrivals certainly understood, Jeans Team are irresistible live, Makossa & Megablast made the tent real comfy and cosy, Akufen brought the finest jewels out of his chest, Krause Duo destroyed what destroys you: concrete and stone fragments techno par excellence, until everyone once again loses the impossible race with the daylight!

Wighnomys at the Robert Johnson club: crack boom ping... schepperpoppepper!

Krause Duo make "ruggi zuggi" on the MK022 with the unbelievable Flowin Immo as guest! For a piece of Canopolis you can only lose your mind!

Straight up: We are 'Pro-Vinyl' and take part in this initiative. The target is, a strong alliance to educate, for the promotion of vinyl in its tradition. The commercial download of music should come first 2 weeks after the official release of the album: the principle: Vinyl kills MP3!

The soulphiction boy Michel Baumann aka Jackmate sends music from the home team! We say: well alrighty then! Immediately it comes on the FAT-Vinyl with the number FAT034.

Label nights under what used to be the Kassa-dance logo "Primaklimaklub" in the Watergate Berlin and at the club Übel & Gefährlich in Hamburg started to get out of control. Schöne Freiheit in Kassablanca is more established than established can be! Why y'all always coming so late on Wednesday?... The Klanglauf clubnights, also in Kassablanca – among others cared for by Mr. Kaden are through 1st Class Booking and Guests and the staff of the E-Fetenkultur, booyakasha!

Dapayk and Mo's Ferry colleagues like Marcel Knopf switch over from FAT-Booking to Magnet-Booking. A hearty thanks for the trusted and wonderful partnership. That the years end bash with the Wighnomy Brothers pretty much destroys Kassa is a given. Whoever didn't get there on time, should have gotten a look when the doors first opened.


Krause Duo brings with the help of Jackmate’s Philpot the fresh-baked bread to the world – both deep like the Mariana Trench!

Fatplastics Recordstore burst at the seams, full of vinyl! A newly styled service-counter takes care of the needy so that no one goes home without a couple of records in the bag. The solution: "Alles was reingeht!"

DJ Koze swept the Kassablanca once again with his housed up chill-out techno.

SMS FAT/MK Festival Showcase became an explosive euphoria: Oliver Goldt, Mathias Kaden, Marek Hemmann, Erobique, Wighnomy Brothers, Metaboman (with live acts!!!), and that Krause Duo clanking on the tub in the dam until waves of happiness radiate. Add to the mix the Sonne Mond Sterne Compilation 05 CD by the Wighnomy Brothers.


Robag Wruhme remixing and producing his ass off – Accolade: CD from Mute with Depeche Mode Sounds from "Praying the Angel" trundle in and Wruhme shaking like 1977 in front of Saint Nick! The rest you can catch a peak at www.discogs.com

The FAT Fun Initiative in the media, Rave Strikes Back, wins over more and more sympathisers and rave charts willing to deliver! The stories, the stories...just ask those who were there...mm hmmm!

Sören and Gabor in 2005 are meeting almost as many flight attendants as club goers. Mathias Kaden and Marek Hemmann sometimes shop separately. The result: both carts of course come back full.

Those pillars of the dance, Schöne Freiheit and Klanglauf live everything that a mind moving shoo-bi-do needs.

Aside from all of that? There was some record playing, music composed and discussed, verbal battles, hugs, writings, tirelessly bringing the store to the point of overheating, bookings, images and text designed with sweat and brain plaque shed by the litre, politics and society debated, there were grillings and roasts, business education put in a safe place, there was the sipped, the children were observed at play with something not unlike wonder, the chairs were put out and brought back in, records were molested, we laboured online...everybody is on the train focused on the track, moving full steam ahead, and everyone put a few shovels of coal in the oven, whenever a little something more was needed.


Klanglauf Sessions has been founded by Gera Uptown boy Mathias Kaden. Fresh music boys are ready for FAT – Hemmann & Kaden have released FAT016 & FAT018. Robag Wruhme`s MK006 "Kopfnikker" has smashed into the charts. BBC worldwide has been played tracks by Metaboman & has been licensed "Kommse" on Gilles Peterson GP03CD. "Bodyrock", "Kopfnikker", "Rausgeflogen EP" burned into the German Groove Charts. Mister Wruhme has done remixes for Märtini Brös., Tekel, SCSI9, MosFerry, Commercial Breakup

Label journey to SONAR 2003 – played at Studio 672 Köln / Flex Wien / Click Hamburg / WMF Berlin / Le Fonque / Noveau Casino Paris / Nachtdigital Festival & Sonne Mond Sterne Festival 2003.

5 years of Freude-am-Tanzen Recordings & 2 years of Fatplastics Recordstore. Removal into a bigger office. Cubeman Veiter is the new assistance at recordstore. Oliver Goldt is our new lyricist. The Merchandise "wave" is rollin` checkless with FAT pillows, handbags, danish recordbags, feltbags and Musik Krause cubes. Robag Wruhme has began the work at his new album which will be released in 2004.


A mysterious Italy-fever was going around. FAT004 has been released in italian style. The Wighnomy's FAT004 track "La collazione" has been licensed for INHOUSE & EXTREME COUCHING II (EFA) CD compilation.

The search for gold - FAT005 Golden Eldorado remix-project has been planned. Gabor and Marcho are founding the FAT Kooperative. Sun in June - our first music video with lovely boys & girls was shooted in pink rooms, Weimar City. FAT005 has been released in a golden flavour.

Fatplastics - the Freude-am-Tanzen recordstore in Jena is inaugurated.

Collaboration with Frankman for FAT006. Gabor and Marcho define the expression "Raumfahrermusik" (astronaut-music). FAT006 "Raumpatrouille" (space patrol) has been released and the Wighnomy's FAT006 track "down" has been licensed for the German House Suite 3 CD compilation (LOST VEGAS).

The Wighnomy's get recruitment - the lovely Mrs. Delhia. First live-acts took placed at the Distillery in Leipzig and at the Kassablanca in Jena.


Thomas Sperling was active at the beginning of the Jena techno-scene. At the beginning of the 90's he organized small parties. In the year 1994, he along with Daniel Mauß started on 20th May 1995 the TIMELESS event series which drew in excess of 1000 guests.


The exact moment of the start of the FAT-logo isn't quite known. In any case Robert Berneis dragged an original consumer shopping bag from the deepest DDR-times and inscribed it with "Freude am Einkauf" and the idea for the logo was born. The event duo Sperling/Mauss used "Freude am Tanzen" as their trademark to start several house parties at the Jena Parkavenue in January 1996. There came to follow many electronic dance events under the logo "Freude am Tanzen". Over time there came the shift to the record-label.


The first release came in December 1998 on the market. "Four Sexy Tracks" came about as an exclusive edition that were individually numbered. Their first distribution was a container in Hamburg, and in the meantime history has been made and so it was...