Thomas "Spatz" Sperling

He doesn't cook his own soup, but he opens the kitchen and knows where the stove and the pots are. Label co-founder, event virtuoso, market analyst, mediator, comrade, secretary of state, office manager and autodidactic businessman.


He threads the needle – and knows not a little something about good ideas when it comes to merchandise.


Mister Fatplastics; through him the location has become the Thuringian record store bastion for lovers of the black gold. He has a memory like an oracle, the overseer & is the soul of the vinyl temple.

Patte & Paul

Behind the counter: Patrick the razor, like store director Veiter the root vole he is. He has, like so many from the stable, had his cultural polish refined in Kassablanca. For the reason that the store head needs a left and right hand for support, he calls on the hungry vinylizer Paul. Yes sir, counter service and sorting records. He's also not a vegetarian working in a butchery. Dilemma at the end of the month: records in the bag or a full sortiment of cold cuts in the fridge. Comfortable in his own skin, young, top DJ of the goods.


Oliver Goldt

Text master, thinker, wandering music dude and warhorse, philosopher of sonics, total DJ through and through, practically John Peel without his own show, in the scene from the get go – lives in 'nerdistan', and a man for social science issues.

Daniel Mauss

In 1995 with Thomas Sperling he started the TIMELESS event series in Jena. In 1998 he founded the label together with his partner Thomas Sperling. They used "Freude am Tanzen" as their trademark to start several house parties in Jena. At this time Daniel takes care about other good things in life :-)

Agent Griede

The charming booking fairy (a well-deserved title) and sometimes minister to diligent bookers & small as well as large event managers. Watch out now, she loves to dance.

Martin Anacker

Office stallion & busy bee sometimes the left and other times the right hand of Spatz. Finest grooved DJ, even an alert event organizer, 'Tanz und Klangkombinat' member as well as freelance academic with a focus on mathematics and business studies.


Christian Seiler

Whether the organization of music releases, care for the website, invoice business that comes up or also a spontaneous photo shoot of the new merchandise articles – Christian is the man for the location and the place and putters around in the most precise fashion.


Only he knows what Jobs and Gates wanted to say to us. Now and again he sleeps with a computer under his pillow, but his dreams are of a great passion for music.

Toci was here

Graphic artist to the bone, creates ideas and gets them done in lightning speed with full sails. Also happy as a DJ alias Synonymous "Inannia" on his way in low beats, cosmic and ambient listening with heart.