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Monkey Maffia - Secular Earth Disk

Good things take time – ideally, including a great deal of oomph. At least when it concerns new tracks from within Monkey Maffia’s inner circle. It has been four whole years since we received the momentary last piece of the...more


In the meantime, a remix was released here and a track was presented there, but now we may once again enjoy a full load of Monkey Maffia. And on top of that the now 75th release of Freude am Tanzen!
Monkey Maffia is personally providing the soundtrack for this ceremonial occasion. His tracks continually supply tremendous amounts of oomph to parties as well as loads of gravity and funk. After all, as an experienced DJ he simply knows what an awesome night looks like – a straight bass drum fractured while simultaneously amplified with infinitely warm synths. On one track, bass and percussion are throwing all our worries overboard, on the next one pads and vocals are shimmering to the bet. Whatever may happen, it can be said with utmost certainty that it will never become boring on either secular flat earth.

FAT 075 »

Monkey Maffia interview and new mix

Only in german but if you can read this, you will find interesting views and attitudes from Monkey Maffia alias Sören Bidner. Thanks to ashorecast!more


Monkey Maffia at Sorradio

Sexy Maffia, Wighnomy Brothers, Letfield? The year 2016 was full of emotions. Sören tokk some space and visited the guys from Solid Rotation at the radio studio. The result is an great mix and interview.more


Sexy Maffia, Wighnomy Brothers, Letfield? The year 2016 was full of emotions. Sören took some space and visited the guys from Solid Rotation at the radio studio. The result is an great mix and interview.



The most club swarms usually receive Sören Bodner aka Monkey Maffia as half of the DJ-duo, which for 17 years brought the most eclectic exaltations to the dancers of the world. The Wighnom-y-lotion of classy techno is History!

One is the magic number, 2x - a man to a twin-sized bed is the custom. As an operator of the Freude am Tanzen/Musikkrause workshop and record store founder (Fatplastics) he loves the luminosity of the coarse and fevered dance music in every cubic centimeter of his soul. Vinyl is his daily bread, what pumps in his veins. Monkey belongs to the early 90’s as one of the tireless torch carriers whom bass drums provided the pace for his free spirit - SidekicThe most clubk abstract. Peppered with a grotesque, lovely madness with a wink of the eye included.

Essentially he is an anarchistic selector with a sharp sense for the particular and distinguished note of a genre which has no name. Drilling through with his genre straddling style the borders of house and techno. Thereby he detected the often strict formalism of many a dance floor with a joyful stringency for surprise pickled with intensity with a dash of dramatics. Sounds seasoned as a real beat cuisine. Sometimes he seduces soft and sensitive – allowing the soul of this millennium to come on, and then he comes with a slap on the posterior.


Monkey Maffia - A real cosmopolitan with a deep love for his home, a gentleman in a bear suit, and a free thinker as opposed to a drone is known as one of the most creative distribution centers of electronic music. Explosiveness bound together with a deepness as his modus operandi. Tirelessly he spins on the controllers as if they were wheels, thereby a determined focus on the dance floor is brought forth which is then unfolded. With an ardor, the warmth can be heard as a thread through his interpreted design majesty. A richness of ideas yes, obsessive compulsive no – here the life is lived, not compelled!


Monkey Maffia

Selected and mixed

Just in time for the week we proudly present our new episode by Monkey Maffia. He pampers us with elaborated beats and nimble rhythms. Enjoy!

Artist Dates

Monkey Maffia
Sat 16.12.2017 Rave on Snow, Taverne , Saalbach-Hinterglemm
Wed 27.12.2017 Kassablanca, Jena
Fri 05.01.2018 Saalgärten, Rudolstadt
Fri 12.01.2018 KaterBlau , Berlin
Sat 03.02.2018 Frau Korte, Erfurt
Fri 16.03.2018 Thaibreak, Ko Mak
Sat 24.03.2018 Thaibreak, Ko Mak
Mon 30.04.2018 Wighnomy Brothers, Übel & Gefährlich, Hamburg


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