Robag Wruhme
The Lost Archive EP
MK 021


VINYL RELEASED: 20.08.2007


DIGITAL: 24.08.2007


A1. Outro
A2. Bakkenvesper
A3. Feindrehstar - Old Sack (Robag Wruhme RMX)
B1. Sputnikkschokk #2
B2. Bokksenluser
B3. Intro

Robag Wruhme recently decided to reorganize his top shelf and found a few gems up there. With these finds his residence is an independent state somewhere between the dream and awake; and here like in the rest of the world a master of the digital sense. 6 odes officially freshened up and grooved in vinyl; with sometimes more - sometimes less dust on the hunchback (as it were). Crafted for romantic fantasia for real live groove favorers, who want to be found in the bright lights of the night. Four cuts come out parallel, enriched with four others (in the past released as vinyl-only) in the form of a CD-EP (MKCD 002).


A1. Outro
Riveting, synthy computer arrangements compose the within and laid under with feeling. Listeners of the time loop are blasted into the wide open.

A2. Bakkenvesper

A driven through cut of digital expressionism! A heart ripping stroke arrangement, bronchi-guttural vocal samples meet with a vortex of nautious beats and modulated slap bass. Heterogenous worlds exist harmoniously and together an image of a mirrored micro cosmos.

A3. Feindrehstar - old sack robag wruhme rmx
A room-filling piece which under the legendary Beefcake logo (Hymen, Delikatessen, Thrill Beat Construction) year ago on a promoonly 7". Robag was regularly spelled forward and the arrangements are rounded in a savoury aged-bud - brought to the blue ribbon for connoisseurs of ferment culture. Feindrehstarr is a many-headed live-jazz-hip-hop-jam-freestyle ensemble, whereby Musikkrause- Apache Metaboman is a member. The have a 12" on Jazzanova's Sonar Kollectiv simmering on the barbie. Stay on the look out for more stuff!

B1. Sputnikkschokk #2
Space and so much of it to breath between the tones but also rooms which cut through. This manages a melody aesthetic from the most wonderful birthdays and circus memories brought back to the child inside. This one eases the lean back, oh so elegantly!

B2. Bokksenluser

Cheeky, half speed drum & bass aesthetic meets techno ingredients. Bristol and Detroit are pretty cool as sister cities. Breaks - techno brings in start up vertigo where a bow-legged matter-of-fact ness is changed into a hopping ecstasy.

B3. Intro
The reward with a cooling piece of music.Sometimes the small things are simply large - and the small pictures everything a man has!