Ian Simmonds
The Burgenland Dubs Reworked EP
MK 032


VINYL RELEASED: 10.05.2010


DIGITAL: 21.05.2010


A1. Luthersteet Blues
A2. Speak (Even Tuell Rework)
B1. The Esel (Dave Aju Rework)
B2. Kon 1 (Krause Duo Rework)

With an especially deep, curled funk behind the ears, MK 32 directly controls an ocean of harmonic, resonating phenomena. At the controls there is Ian Simmonds, the sail is raised by the Workshop steward Even Tuell, the free-spirited Dave Aju (Circus Company) and the almost-label Namensgeber. What this record especially standing out is the synchronization from a view of value being placed on spinning records at home and multiple club plays all in one night. Ian Simmonds serves witness once again that he is a master of harmonic principles. With "Lutherstreet Blues" he homogenizes in a personal way a positive drabness, which apparently feels through an endlessness. A superb, singing late night mover, which also found room on his album "The Burgenland Dubs". The horns are set from Martin Rudolf. The rework by the Krause Duo is simultaneously bowed from the original and takes place in its own cosmos. As a guest musician Mat Grote (guitar) and Krishan Zeigner (Percussion) bring this knee-deep beat epic together. Dave Aju knows once again how good house music must sound, within a wonderful, narrow-mindedness - and without? Straight ahead. He tames the broken drum storm of the original in a straight beat corset, which however is everything but tightly strung and hindering movement. Paul-David Rollmann aka Even Tuell dares to try the complex and percussive "Speak". Yet there isnt much left over, and that is then taken apart and dissected into a fine filet placed on the table - ready for the fry in the club, to be served with a special occasion and moments in this direction


A1. Luthersteet Blues
Whoever at least once strolled through the Lutherstrasse in the evening, on foot or on a bike knows it is essentially a long climb into your bed. This epic is felt in the lumbar regions, a constant ascension going seemingly nowhere with the blues and a nod....wait a minute, Simmonds is finally there - light a candle and some nice refreshment is in order!

A2. Speak (Even Tuell Rework)
Here speaks the analogous machines, as well as those from Detroit and those from Tangerine Dream. A warm breaky roller from the category: Play it again Sam!

B1. The Esel (Dave Aju Rework)

What luck! Aju doesnt shy away from Simmonds poetic voice or his elaborately placed drum and clap arrangements. An easy hum flutters underneath the driving character the whole time - thatís future disco for darkroom and flower fields.

B2. Kon 1 (Krause Duo Rework)
If only there was always such a nice rustling on the floors such as that showcased on this bea...