Knochenbrecher Ball
MK 033


VINYL RELEASED: 07.06.2010


DIGITAL: 18.06.2010


A1. Felafresh (Maxi Version)
A2. Texx Ass
B1. Vulgarian Nights (Maxi Version)

The legendary British radio DJ John Peel once posed that music is really suspenseful when you have the feeling of hearing something for the first time. Surely this experience is harder to find as time goes by. Of course, we all know that as we live in the time of revival of the revival of every possible memorable point of innovation not yet expired. Still though there are now and again musical concepts which are party to the Peel formulation, of which apparent conventional components make a unique construction. Feindreh Star from Jena definitely belongs, this is clearly heard from the 7 gents live on stage. Their place seems to be between the stage and the club, within a live music vibe characterized as a a fundamental experience to get movement started. To bind this specimen to portable medium so that DJ's and patrons are happy, the band went to Axel Reineimer and Immo Wischhusen (Flowin Immo) in the Jazzanova Studio in Berlin. Produced from Michael Baumann (Soulphiction/Jackmate), he presents the combo after two 7 inches and 2 7-track CD's self produced + 12inch on Sonar Kollektiv...here is a full super sound maxi single as a teaser to their first album. Trusted in 2010 to be released on Musik Krause.


A1. Felafresh (Maxi Version)
Organic world house without the ethnic-nuggets, while Nina works a quick appearance on a scratchy loop. Drum and Bass push the 'Droschke' to a maximum of danceable deepness in four -and-a-half- minutes!

A2. Texx Ass

Feindrehstar presents Mexas funk with a drum roll, house attitude, killer groove and afro in beat outfit...Here we're talking about substance in blood and chlorophyll not about muscle with testosterone and adrenaline.

B1. Vulgarian Nights (Maxi Version)
Horns in the air, if nothing is coming from the digital building blocks there... Croaks, percussion, Rhodes, claps, garnished with† some jazz outside of a revealed artistic experience.