Even Tuell
Hula Vortex EP
MK 037


VINYL RELEASED: 17.10.2011


DIGITAL: 18.10.2011


A1. Mental Marathon
B1. Close Dancin'
B2. Planet Ape (Raw Mix)

There are still around, real environmentalists for whom the term preservation means more than just a trend. Paul-David Rollmann alias Even-Tuell belongs with his artistic productions (among other things, one of the creators of the enthusiast label Workshop) to the class of those who answer the call for effective art, design and indulgence. The maxim is always the free will, emancipated from szperfluous market mechanics and the falsehoods of the zeitgeist.

For Musik Krause, his activity is recorded on 2 releases. A split with Metaboman and a formidable remix for Ian Simmonds adorn the catalog. With his quasi-first complete Musikl Krause EP he shows a raw and coarse club music sound without losing even a breath of the aesthetic and compelled movement. All three pieces sound as if they were crafted from centuries old tools, in the way that his music is filtered through the machines humanizedm discharged in a kind of essential honesty.

For the "consumers" the music is like a favorite red wine – relished once, it finds its way again and again into the shopping basket. Added to that, everything has a higher value, because all three tracks can without hesitation in a single night let the light of the speakers shine through.


A1. Mental Marathon

A real mental marathon for the cook – drien by psychotropic substances made from beat portions, contorted acid lines, delays and analog spices, sprout a jog in the mind for what could be 30 miles. Right before the end you stumble a bit, but then you follow through to the finish line.

B1. Close Dancin'

It is astounding how deep the well of Detroit design technique is, and it is that much more remarkable the treasures that can be found in it's principles. As long as such jewels are brought forth, this fountain will never be sealed. One word: essential!

B2. Planet Ape (Raw Mix)

Pure magic will always win! Because this is what it's all about, actually. You never know, how the magic tricks function that are responsible for the effect. If you know then the magic dissapears also. This sound must simply produce the effect and be taken as it is presented.