Triller EP
MK 038


VINYL RELEASED: 14.11.2011


DIGITAL: 25.11.2011


A. Triller
B1. Night Rainer 1
B2. Night Rainer 2

The great strength of Feindrehstar lies in their engaging and dynamic live-show on the stage. If you see them once, you must see them again. Whether metalhead with a glass of beer, a dreadlocked queen or standard-issue club-goer, this band moves everybody.

That Feindrehstar also crafts music that from its source warmly hugs the listener is another plus they have going for them. These are supported on the latest from Musikkrause by producers such as Axel Reinemer (Jazzanova), Michel Baumann (Soulphiction) & Wendelin Weißbach (Metaboman, Krause Duo). With their signature they preserve the sweat and tears from the studio for the nights to come.

Just like on their album "Vulgarian Nights", here the collective genre-spanning comes across as strange. The Triller EP brings a overdose of life into the room. Here develops an acoustic eruption of club music euphoria that manages a happy medium of exhaustion for all involved. The stage excesses are captured expertly. Everything is in rhythm and the matrix of influences and musical possibility is on point. Again it's Feindrehstar pure, yet further along. Above all the impact of the complete sound is more voluminous as before. The already rambunctious joi de vivre of the band is turned a notch higher.


A. Triller

Here the funk swine is chased across the barnyard. Farmer House is riding. A path is cut, in which the dancers and their sensibilities are spread across the entire track. Bass, drums and horns drive the tempo. That at the end of the last third of the song there is still room for deeply melodic elements, borders on a miracle. Anthem Alert!

B1. Night Rainer 1

Seldom is the dialog between stage and party crowd so well-kept as it is here. This music is taken from the movements of the danced in such a way to suggest the band is grooving right along with them live.

B2. Night Rainer 2

The same basic theme is again 'metaborized'. With a resolved deepness in the many drum sounds the balanced-out track arrangements are thrown off-balance and then brought back together. Watch out (!), the reverberations from the lower regions serve as a harbinger of classic raving in the funk cosmos.