Robag Wruhme
Leistenhans Zwo EP
MK 039


VINYL RELEASED: 28.05.2012


DIGITAL: 01.06.2012


A. Brumby Kapell
B. Wolluwe

The stomach is kind of like a kettledrum– a hollow container placed under stress. If this container is filled with air, the walls of the stomach vibrate and in this space a grumbling sound comes about. Here is where the beat chef Wruhme takes over by putting to an end the grumbling sound. The meal he serves up will most definitely stick to your ribs.

Action sound artist Robag Wruhme is again about to straighten you out with the new Musik Krause. With explorations into the wide spectrum of the techno-scape, he brings a celebratory dinner for quite the peristalsis between the head and stomach.

Even still he manages not to break a setting from the crown. That said, the willing, who it seems are rendered incapable of anything else, are massaged by the volume. Such a deep coolness and yet irrepressibly Wruhme is seldom. That is made possible by the capable - pure state-of-the-art techno bliss! Robag Wruhme: a chameleon who without confusion is able to change his colors. What remains is always a chameleon and a Wruhme.


A. Brumby Kapell
This is the nutrient supply for the floor when everyone is in the mood to take a trip deep into the cellar behind the nether regions to see if in fact a couple of loonies are back there waiting to strike terror. At the end, the hand of the Rogue Schablitzski reaches down and brings you back.

B. Wolluwe
Speaking of a bright and a dark side of the record doesn't quite apply in the conventional sense. As well, b-side colleague Wolluwe makes no bones about it: the dark side is a good side. Over a proper twelve-minute runtime the sound traverses in between claps, and whips in double time led along by a phantom hand. No space for sweet angels seems to be found here. If that wasn't the melody form; found in the first-third and in the end and has a two-dimensional form! It's gonna be alright.