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MK CD/LP 005


VINYL RELEASE: 18.02.1013




01. Wonderboy
02. Kontrapfiffie
03. Bibibig
04. Räuber
05. East
06. Dubbyone
07. Hot Shit
08. Ringer
09. Yokonotono
10. Ultrakörper

Musik Krause, the label with that special funk and the wide view releases the fourth album in their 10-year history. The circle is complete. In 2002 they started with Metaboman. Now there is the album. As a part of the record-spinning Krause Duo he' s known a number of escapades having to do with the ' bash' or rather party culture. Inventively they go about things on a winding path. The have a developed a completely singular metaphoric like a Krauzy schrouse and trash no eect. Even if on this long player there is a good deal of gravitation and disengaged handbrake, the beloved notorious krause-vibe swings in every beat, as Metaboman forges the iron. He wants to go further and let himself be taken away, and above all with the musicians he has won over with his live-project to massage the masses from the stage. Krause Duo remains. The album comes in this regard as a gesture providing the direction. Solo here is the conductor, the arranger and the composer in one. Various artists is the keyword, good ol' Metaboman. On all ten songs our friendly neighborhood sonic meister sets the notes andvibes between the skillful, grooving rhythms. Guestlist: Flowin Immo, San Proper, IanSimmonds, Dave Aju, Jaw (dOP), Stephan S. Hepper, Thomas Prestin (Budzillus), BerkOset, Large M & DJ Légères (Feindrehstar) and fore sure, Krause Duo. In this way there isa bonaed club album in the room that understands rhythm-feeling. Music that in theclub context brings an attribute that stands far above the plain acoustic shock andscream. Party? But of course, yet still both feet in the game with not a little in subordination, depth, plumes of smoke and indulgence. Metaboman has always had his own vision, which plays out and mirrors his ownauthentic uniqueness. He doesn' t nd sounds. He nds shapes and forms and that is the progressive aspect, not the new sounds but rather the new forms. He ' s not merely about the subteranean bassdrum, but rather telling his own story. He gives his pieces space and depth. The music itself is positioned somewhere within a sonic cosmos. The listener can functionally hear the record in a club. A freak and his freaks invite you and in your heart you know long before it is apparent that you belong. You can clearly hear that this dude and his folks want me to be there! This album encompasses the moment and keeps it safefor posterity. This music is the language of Metaboman and it is the understood.